• Farming An Ecosystem

    Fluid Farms is a Maine grower of freshwater fish and produce. We use the science of aquaponics to provide the community with fresh, nutritious food. We truly believe that an integrated multi-trophic approach to farming is key to the future of food production.

  • Nature Knows Best

    At Fluid Farms we are developing a farming model that mimicks natural processes to sustain a living, breathing food ecosystem. Our commitment is to harvest high quality food, in an ecologically conscious manner. We employ innovative agricultural models and emerging aquaculture techniques, striving to improve with each new season.

  • We’re Going Big

    In 2013 we were offered a massive Dutch style greenhouse in exchange for dismantling it. It was an intimidating project, especially with one of Maine’s coldest winters on record fast approaching. With little money and a borrowed tractor, we began to dismantle this 36,000 ft2 glass beast, pane by pane. We are currently talking to investors and looking for a permanent home for one of the largest greenhouses in the state.